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Launchkit has a bright, flexible persona that can be adapted to suit almost any use. Use Launchkit to sell or create a simple business website.

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Tested comprehensively on a number of mobile devices, Launchkit is well prepared to impress your mobile audience.

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Themeforest’s most popular page builder just keeps getting better, Smart controls and font options give you complete control.

The misconception of putting a T-shirt on, opening your computer and having a successful business is a sleazy marketing tactic being overused. Unfortunately, there are a vast amount of people young and old who buy into this. As an experienced entrepreneur with a full family and career, I understand first hand how difficult, unhealthy, time consuming and stressful starting and sustaining a business can be.

I have been providing marketing services for dozens of companies throughout the united states for several years. The vast majority of marketers you see over the internet never worked with real businesses. They sell courses on how to use social media. That’s about it. This is why they often show videos of sports cars and celebrities, along with fake marketing campaigns as if they are working with businesses. They literally walk into businesses offering them money to put them on video as if their a lucky client.  I am able to show my actual resume of working with multiple businesses.

I am now teaching others my skill set. How to actually grow a business, utilize social media marketing correctly, sustain growth and adjust as technology and rules change. We can easily run ourselves into the ground and destroy our family in the process of growing a successful business. Therefore, in addition to providing the tools necessary to grow your business, I make it my business to provide information on how to stay healthy and happy in the process. What is the use of finally having a successful business when you’re unhealthy, divorced and alone. The goal is freedom to have a happy, healthy life.

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Launchkit ships with over 50 uniquely designed content blocks ready to be fitted out with your copy and images. Get a head-start with one of the included page demos or start experimenting with your own layouts in Variant.

Visual Composer
makes editing a breeze.

With over 50 content blocks to choose from, the perfect layout is now even easier to achieve. Make visual adjustments on-the-fly to establish a unique look for your website with minimal effort.

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Build a landing
page in minutes.

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